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1×1 1
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Blasta Mechakoopa
Zappa Mechakoopa
Super Mushroom.gif-Wings.gif-Parachute.gif
Available Game Styles:
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Entities (100) None
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EQ Synth

Square Synth Bass
Blasta Mechakoopa

Synth Chord
Zappa Mechakoopa

Version Introduced:
Super Mario Maker 2 ver. 3.0.0

Mechakoopas are enemies that originated in Super Mario World, and were added in 3.0.0. They have an alternate form called Blasta Mechakoopa. They have another alternate form called Zappa Mechakoopa.


Mechakoopas will walk forward, turning at walls and occasionally changing direction to follow a player.

Stomping on a Mechakoopa will cause it to get stunned and hide away, similarly to what a Galoomba would do. The player can then kick the Mechakoopa around or pick them up. They can be carried or kicked at them to defeat them. After a while of not being stomped on, they will wake up and walk towards the player to resume their attacks. They can be spin-jumped on, which will result in the Mechakoopa moving slightly while the player can still bounce off of them (using regular a jump, the player cannot stomp on a stunned Mechakoopa, only kick them away).

Winged Mechakoopas fly back and forth horizontally. When stomped, they lose their Wings.

In the Night Ground Course Theme, all Mechakoopas will fly with jet engines to reach the player.

Blasta Mechakoopa[]

Blasta Mechakoopas will patrol and damage the player in the same fashion, but if the Blasta Mechakoopa is on screen, it will also pause every couple of seconds, open its mouth and shoot a single homing rocket at the player. The homing missile behaves in the exact same way as a Bull's-eye Bill from a Bull's-eye Blaster, only it is faster and will flash multiple times after a while and then explode. This explosion has the same radius as that of a Bob-omb and acts in the exact same way as a Bob-omb explosion, destroying breakable blocks and triggering ON/OFF Switches. If the Blasta Mechakoopa is large, the bullet will also be large, and the explosion will behave in the same way as that of a large Bob-omb. The Blasta Mechakoopa fires at intervals, in a way that there cannot be two bullets from the same Mechakoopa active at the same time. The frequency of fire does not change if the player stomps on and defeats the bullet before it can explode. Interestingly, these explosions can also destroy Lemmy’s Koopa Balls.

Zappa Mechakoopa[]

Zappa Mechakoopas patrol and damage the player like the previous two types but, once the player is within a certain range (both horizontally and vertically), they will fire an electric beam in the player's direction after roughly one second of wind-up. This laser beam travels very quickly in a straight line, and will stop upon contact with solid, unbreakable objects. The Mechakoopas will fire towards the player even if the beam could not reach them, and the Mechakoopa in question must wait a couple of seconds before it can fire again. The beam from small Zappa Mechakoopas does not interact with anything but the player, who will take damage, and Blocks. However, large Zappa Mechakoopa beams will destroy breakable blocks upon contact and is also two blocks thick instead of one. If the beam makes contact with an unbreakable solid block, even if only half of it is touching said block type, the beam will stop. The beam has a range limitation, meaning that if the player moves very quickly, they might be able to run in a straight line and escape the beam's range. The beam will also follow the Mechakoopa's movements and the fact that these stand still while shooting doesn't mean they can't be moved by Conveyor Belts or pushed off ledges by blocks on Tracks.

Blasta and Zappa Mechakoopas turn around at ledges.


GameStyle SMB.png GameStyle SMB3.png GameStyle SMW.png GameStyle NSMBU.png
Mechakoopa's forms and their appearance in the Super Mario Bros. Game Style. Mechakoopa's forms and their appearance in the Super Mario Bros. 3 Game Style. Mechakoopa's forms and their appearance in the Super Mario World Game Style. Mechakoopa's forms and their appearance in the New Super Mario Bros. U Game Style.


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