ON/OFF Switch
ON-OFF Switch SMB1
Size: Volume:
1×1 1
Alt. Forms: Modifiers:
None None
Music Block Sound: Base Seesaw Weight:
None Immeasurable
ON/OFF Switches are gizmos that originated in Super Mario World.


ON/OFF Switches have two states, ON and OFF, which affect all ON/OFF Switches in the level. They can be toggled between by hitting an ON/OFF Switch.

They can be activated by a player hitting them from below, rolling, long-jumping or sliding into them, ground-pounding them or jumping on them in Big form. They can also be activated by a Shell, Thwomp, Skewer, Bob-omb explosion, Cat swipe, Superball, a Super Hammer swipe, or Link's arrows, bombs, or sword.

They affect the following Course Parts:


Smb1 Smb3 Smw Nsmbu Sm3dw
ON-OFF Switch SMB1 ON-OFF Switch SMB3 ON-OFF Switch SMW ON-OFF Switch NSMBU 100px
veCourse Parts

Ground iconGroundSteep Slope iconSteep SlopeGentle Slope iconGentle SlopePipe iconPipeSpike Trap iconSpike Trap15pxMushroom Platform15pxSemisolid PlatformBridge iconBridge

Block iconBlock?-Block icon? Block15pxHard Block Hidden Block iconHidden BlockDonut Block iconDonut BlockNote Block iconNote BlockCloud Block iconCloud Block15pxIce Block

Super Mario 3D World:


Coin iconCoinBig Coin iconBig CoinPink Coin iconPink CoinSuper Mushroom iconSuper MushroomFire Flower iconFire FlowerGame Style-Specific Powerup
(Big Mushroom icon Big Mushroom, Super Leaf icon Super Leaf, Cape Feather icon Cape Feather, File:Propeller Mushroom icon.png Propeller Mushroom) ♦ Super Star iconSuper Star1-Up Mushroom icon1-Up MushroomShoe Goomba iconShoe GoombaYoshi Egg iconYoshi's Egg

Super Mario 3D World:


Goomba iconGoomba (Galoomba iconGaloomba) ♦ Koopa Trooper iconKoopa TroopaBeetle iconBuzzy BeetleSpike Top iconSpike TopSpiny iconSpinyBlooper iconBlooperCheep Cheep iconCheep Cheep

Piranha Plant iconPiranha Plant (15pxJumping Piranha Plant) ♦ Muncher iconMuncherThwomp iconThwompMonty Mole iconMonty Mole15pxRocky WrenchHammer Bros. iconHammer BroChain Chomp iconChain Chomp

Wiggler iconWigglerBoo SM iconB1Boo15pxLava BubbleBob-omb iconBob-ombDrybones iconDry BonesDryfish iconFish BoneMagikoopa iconMagikoopa

Bowser iconBowserBowser Jr. iconBowser Jr.Boom Boom iconBoom Boom Sun (Moon iconAngry SunLakitu iconLakituClown Car iconKoopa Clown Car

Super Mario 3D World:


Burner iconBurnerBill Blaster iconBill BlasterBanzai Bill iconBanzai BillCanon iconCannonIcicle iconIcicleTwister iconTwister

Key iconKeyWarp Door iconWarp DoorP-Switch iconP SwitchPow-Block iconPOW BlockTrampoline iconTrampolineVine iconVineArrow Sign iconArrow SignCheckpoint Flag iconCheckpoint Flag

Lift iconLiftLava Lift iconLava LiftSeesaw iconSeesawGrinder iconGrinderBumper iconBumperSpike Pillar iconSkewerSwinging Claws iconSwinging Claw

OFF Switch iconON/OFF SwitchDotted-Line Block iconDotted-Line BlockSnake Block iconSnake BlockFire Bar iconFire BarOne-Way Wall iconOne-Way WallConveyor Belt iconConveyor BeltTrack iconTrack

Super Mario 3D World:

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