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Super Mario Maker 2's Story Mode centers around the rebuilding of Princess Peach's Castle. After Undodog destroys the castle by accident, Mario and the Toads must rebuild it, but are out of budget and need to get money to get the necessary materials for the castle. It is now Mario's job to complete tasks offered by the Taskmaster (called jobs) that other people need assistance with. Every job is a level that Mario has a limited amount of lives to beat. If he gets a Game Over, he can try again at any time. Mario can gain as many 1-Ups as the level gives, instead of being limited to three like in Endless Mode. Every job gives a certain payment upon completion (usually Coins), and any Coins collected along the way are kept. If Mario collects over 100 Coins, he will get a 1-Up, but the coins aren't lost, meaning this is the only gamemode in which Mario can have over 100 Coins at any time.

The Coins Mario gets are used to build up certain parts of the castle that are unlocked as the Story Mode progresses. Every part of the castle takes a certain amount of time to complete, represented by hammer outlines above the construction site. Multiple parts of the castle can be in the process of being built at the same time. Whenever Mario completes a job, all constructions in progress will gain one hammer. Once the required amount of hammers have been achieved, that part of the castle will be fully built and another section of the castle will unlock.

Characters[edit | edit source]

Main Characters
The Chief.png The Taskmaster.png
The Chief
She is Toadette and is in charge of rebuilding. After the castle is complete, she can be paid 1000 Coins to instantly advance the building process of the Mario Pixel Art.
The Taskmaster
He gives Mario the jobs he needs to get Coins and rebuild the castle.
The Builder Toads
The Green Toad.png The Red Toad.png 200px
Green Toad builds
the West Hall.
Red Toad builds
the Main Hall.
Blue Toad builds
the East Hall.
Other Characters
Undodog accidentally reset Princess Peach's Castle with the Reset Rocket by playing around. He can be found near the West Hall and will task Mario for three jobs after the construction on the first floors is finished, each consecutive one only after the previous one is completed.

After completing Swamp Escape by Shell, Undodog will gain a dog house in the shape of a huge Dry Bones Shell.
For completing all three jobs he will reward you with the Reset Rocket Dress. After completing all his jobs, he will offer to tell you a joke for 100 coins. After seeing all his jokes, you can get him to tell an old one again for free.

Mr. Eraser
Mr. Eraser appears after completing construction of all Tier 1 buildings. He can first be found next to the Taskmaster, and later further east by the Warp Pipe.

Upon completing his jobs he will first erase the Blocks on top of the East Warp Pipe, then those in front of the 10-Coin and East Vine Block, and in the end rewards you with the Refreshing Shirt. He also does an animation where he wiggles up and down, erasing his eraser head, and then fall to the floor. After completing his jobs, you can see the animation at any time.

Partrick is a brick block found on the other side of the East Warp Pipe and can only be accessed after completing Mr. Eraser's second job.

Upon completing his three jobs he will spawn a ? Block on the Second Floor of the Main Hall, hide a Hidden Block with a vine inside of it that will allow access to the Clouds, and reward you with the Partrick Shirt.

Soundfrog is found in the Clouds and can only be accessed after completing Partrick's second job.

Upon completing his jobs he will spawn Flowers by the Castle, move the Mountains in the background closer to the foreground, and reward you with the Frog Cap. He also dances to disco music after each job. After completing his jobs, you can see his dance at any time.

The Yellow Toad.png
Yellow Toad
Yellow Toad snoozes towards the right of the castle.

After waking him up (See Purple Toad) he offers 3 jobs, all with the Stone condition. Upon completion, Yellow Toad uses the stone to build an 8-bit statue. He does not offer any further payment though, making him the least worthwhile character.

Purple Toad
Purple Toad is a Toad that didn't make it to the construction site on time by getting on an enemy airship. He wakes up Yellow Toad, allows access to the West Warp Pipe that leads to the Underground, and allows access to the ? Blocks containing the Superball Flower.

After unlocking the Superball Flower, you can use it in the editor in the Super Mario Bros. Game Style.

Yamamura comes out of the West Hall Cannon and is found later after that by walking down the East Hall Doors. He is also found after those inside of Undodog's Dry Bones Shell.

Yamamura offers 3 different jobs, the first 2 with payment in coins. For the final job, you get the Yamamura Outfit.

Coursebot is found in the Underground past some Brick Blocks only destroyable by the Super Hammer, which is granted after completing the castle.

After activating Coursebot by jumping into him a few times, he will become available on the far left of the map. Coursebot has no jobs, but will instead play either the Intro Cutscene, the Outro Cutscene, or the Staff Credits.

Castle Constructions[edit | edit source]

Name Cost Worktime


Foundation Coin icon SM3DW.png 100 Hammer.png Hammer.png
Main Hall 1F Coin icon SM3DW.png 600 Hammer.png Hammer.png Hammer.png Hammer.png Foundation
West Hall 1F Coin icon SM3DW.png 400 Hammer.png Hammer.png Hammer.png Foundation
East Hall 1F Coin icon SM3DW.png 400 Hammer.png Hammer.png Hammer.png Foundation
Main Hall 2F Coin icon SM3DW.png 1200 Hammer.png Hammer.png Hammer.png Hammer.png Main Hall
Main Hall 3F Coin icon SM3DW.png 1300 Hammer.png Hammer.png Hammer.png Hammer.png completion of "Heavy Stone Heave-Ho"
West Hall 2F Coin icon SM3DW.png 1100 Hammer.png Hammer.png Hammer.png Hammer.png completion of "Head in the Clouds"
East Hall 2F Coin icon SM3DW.png 1100 Hammer.png Hammer.png Hammer.png Hammer.png completion of "Little Toad Lost"
West Hall Doors Coin icon SM3DW.png 500 Hammer.png Hammer.png Hammer.png West Hall 2F
East Hall Doors Coin icon SM3DW.png 500 Hammer.png Hammer.png Hammer.png East Hall 2F
West Hall Cannon Coin icon SM3DW.png 700 Hammer.png Hammer.png Hammer.png Hammer.png West Hall 2F
East Hall Cannon Coin icon SM3DW.png 700 Hammer.png Hammer.png Hammer.png Hammer.png East Hall 2F
Main Hall Roof Coin icon SM3DW.png 1500 Hammer.png Hammer.png Hammer.png Hammer.png Hammer.png Main Hall 3F
West Hall Roof Coin icon SM3DW.png 1000 Hammer.png Hammer.png Hammer.png Hammer.png West Hall Doors & West Hall Cannon
East Hall Roof Coin icon SM3DW.png 1000 Hammer.png Hammer.png Hammer.png Hammer.png East Hall Doors & East Hall Cannon
Stained Glass Coin icon SM3DW.png 2000 Hammer.png Hammer.png Hammer.png Hammer.png Hammer.png Completion of "Operation: Toadal Eclipse"

Side Mission Environment Changes[edit | edit source]

Mr. Eraser to Partrick to Soundfrog[edit | edit source]

Castle Hurdles[edit | edit source]

Purple Toad's Adventure[edit | edit source]

8-Bit Builder Mario from Chief[edit | edit source]

Locations[edit | edit source]

  • Castle
    • West Hall
    • Main Hall
    • East Hall
  • Underground - West Warp Pipe
  • Low Platform - East Warp Pipe
  • Clouds - East Vine Hidden Block

Jobs[edit | edit source]

There is a total of 120 jobs in Story Mode. There are 90 Main Jobs and 30 Side-Mission Jobs.

For info about the individual jobs, see: Story Mode Jobs

Story Mode-Exclusive[edit | edit source]

Course Elements[edit | edit source]

  • Stone - Heavy Stone Heave-Ho, Buried Stones, Cat-Scratch Stone, Stone from the River, Stone of Destiny
  • Toad - Little Toad Lost, Toad Rescue, Operation: Toadal Eclipse, March of the Rookie Toads

Clear Conditions[edit | edit source]

Main page: Clear Conditions § Story Mode Exclusive n is used in place of a number.

  • Reach the goal without getting out of the water.
  • Reach the goal without using a Swinging Claw.
  • Reach the goal while holding a Stone.
  • Reach the goal with n Toad(s) in tow.
  • Reach the goal after doing a handstand on all (n) Trees.

Luigi Assist Mode[edit | edit source]

Once a player dies more than once in a Story Mode Level, Luigi will appear and allow the player to press Input Minus.png to open an editor. This editor allows the player to place specific parts in the level.

If a player loses all of their lives and gets a Game Over, Luigi will show up, allowing the player to quit playing the level, try again from the start, or have Luigi do the level for them. Having Luigi play the level will give the normal Payment but no extra Coins will be added to the total.

When a level is first cleared when either the Assist Editor is used or when Luigi does it for the player, the Cleared Flag will be a Luigi Flag instead of a Mario Flag. Players can make it a Mario Flag by beating it without assistance.

Input L.png
Super Mushroom SMB1.png
Super Mushroom
Super Star SMB1.png
Super Star
Fire Flower SMB1.png
Fire Flower
Game Style-Specific Powerup.gif
Style Power-up (1.0.0)*
Super Bell SM3DW.png
Super Bell**
POW Block SMB1.png
POW Block
Hard Block Ground Theme SMB1.png
Hard Blocks
Input R.png
*not in the Super Mario 3D World Game Style
**only in the Super Mario 3D World Game Style

Differences to Course Maker[edit | edit source]

  • The screen cannot be scrolled.
  • The player cannot be moved.
  • Only a small selection of parts can be placed in low quantities. (see above table)
  • All features besides placing and erasing the above parts are unavailable in this editor.
  • The Eraser can only be used to erase parts that were just placed by the player.
  • When the editor is left and re-entered parts the player placed will no longer be eraseable.
  • Parts cannot be placed on top of players.

Undodog Jokes[edit | edit source]

Once all of Undodog's courses are completed, when talked to, he will offer to tell one of 10 jokes for 100 coins. Once he's said all 10 of his jokes, he will tell them for free. The following are the jokes that Undodog will say.

  • Woof? Arf! (Where do Bowser's minions keep their chickens? In a chicken koopa!)
  • Woof? Arf! (What do you call a sad Dry Bones? A Cry Bones!)
  • Arf woof? Bark! (Whaddaya call a four-legged ghost with antlers? A Scare-A-Boo!)
  • Woof woof? Arf! (Why didn't Mario enter the Pipe in the desert? Because it was PIPING HOT!)
  • Woof bark? Arf! (Why is the Angry Sun so angry? Somebody ate all of its desert.)
  • Arf? Bark! (What do you call an aspiring Mario Maker? An up-and-plumber!)
  • Arf arf. Woof! (I just told some of my jokes at a Ghost House. They kept shouting "BOO! BOOOOOOO!")
  • Bark? Woof! (Why didn't Bowser replace his cracked fish bowl? He's too Cheep Cheep!)
  • Arf? Woof! (Why did the Lakitu record itself catching a squid? For the Blooper reel!)
  • Arf? Woof! (Why are ? Blocks so good at holding power-ups? Because they have so mushroom inside!)
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