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World Maker is a mode that allows you to make a Super World. Up to six Super Worlds can be saved to Worldbot.

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General mechanics[]

Up to eight worlds can be made per Super World. Each World is a 7×4 grid of tiles which can be changed to various paths and terrain features. Courses, Toad Houses, and Warp Pipes can be placed on it. There is a starting point and a castle on the map that cannot be created or deleted, only moved. The starting point is where players start the world, and the castle is where players play the last level that unlocks the next world when completed. At the end of the Super World you see whoever you played as walking with Princess Peach and you hear a few seconds of the game end theme from Super Mario World. Only 1 Super World can be uploaded per Maker; if you want to upload another one, you have to create another user on the Nintendo Switch system. To upload a Super World, the following criteria must be met:

  • There must be a way to get from the starting point to the castle in each world of your Super World.
  • A course must be set in every castle of your Super World.
  • All of the courses in your Super World must be uploaded to Course World.
    • This is impossible to meet if you don't have a Nintendo Switch Online membership.
  • A Super World must not already have been uploaded to Course World.

First Visit[]

"Coo, coo, coo! (With this new update, you can now make your own Super Worlds, which are a collection of up to eight different worlds!)"

"Coo coo, coo. Coooo. (Each individual world needs a way to get from the start of the world to the goal, which is the castle. I already did that for you here.)"

"Coo, coo coo coo. Coo. (Keep in mind that you'll need to set a course in the castle spot for each world to work. Touch the castle or hold Input A.png to set a course.)"

"Coo, coo coooo, coo. (You can set other courses, Toad Houses, and Warp Pipes on each world as well.)"

"Cooo, coo coo. Coo, coo. (From the Worldbot in the main menu, you can upload a saved Super World to Course World. You can only have one Super World uploaded at a time, but it can contain up to eight worlds.)"

"Cooo, cooo coo! (To start over from scratch, use the Reset Rocket and make the Super World of your dreams!)"


  • Course - when placing, the menu of courses appears, you can change the icon of the level. (Limit: 4)
  • Toad House - It lets players play minigames. (Limit: 3 per world)
    • Picture Match
      • Players need to match pieces of Super Mushrooms, Fire Flowers and Super Stars. If a Super Mushroom is created, one life is granted, a Fire Flower grants three lives and a Super Star grants five lives. If an item is mismatched, no lives are granted. This minigame originated in Super Mario Bros. 3, but matching up a Super Mushroom would give you two lives instead of one.
    • Balloon
      • Players need to repeatedly press Input A.png to inflate a balloon. You will get one, three or five lives depending on how large it is.
    • Baseball
      • Players need to jump to catch baseballs at varying speeds and trajectories. You will get one, three or five lives depending on how many baseballs are missed. The less missed, the better.
      • If 3 baseballs are missed, Weird Mario will walk out of the house and shoo you away, and no lives will be gained.
  • Warp Pipe - When used, it will take the player to the other Pipe in the world. If there is none, then they will come straight back. You cannot warp between worlds. (Limit: 2 per world)
  • Ground - this panel has no path, so you can't walk on it, but you can decorate it.
    • Blank
    • Decoration 1
    • Decoration 2
    • Decoration 3
  • Path panels (End, Straight, Turning, Intersection, & Curved) - makes the completion of the world possible.
    • Terrain
    • No Terrain
  • Bridges - same function as a straight line path, but it's a bridge.
  • Hill - it has the ladder, when the path is free to climb.
    • Hill
    • Cloud (to connect a cloud to a path, you need to place a path on the panel under the cloud)


These elements cannot be removed or placed, only moved.

  • Start position
  • Castle

Default World Arrangements[]

World Themes[]

Theme Representations Music
Play.png Edit.png
Ground CourseTheme Ground.png CourseTheme Ground icon.png WorldTheme Ground.png
Underground CourseTheme Underground.png CourseTheme Underground icon.png WorldTheme Underground.png File:WorldTheme Underground Music.ogg
Desert CourseTheme Desert.png CourseTheme Desert icon.png WorldTheme Desert.png File:WorldTheme Desert Music.ogg
Snow CourseTheme Snow.png CourseTheme Snow icon.png WorldTheme Snow.png File:WorldTheme Snow Music.ogg
Sky CourseTheme Sky.png CourseTheme Sky icon.png WorldTheme Sky.png File:WorldTheme Sky Music.ogg
Forest CourseTheme Forest.png CourseTheme Forest icon.png WorldTheme Forest.png File:WorldTheme Forest Music.ogg
Volcano CourseTheme Castle.png CourseTheme Castle icon.png WorldTheme Volcano.png File:WorldTheme Volcano Music.ogg
Space CourseTheme Space.png CourseTheme Space icon.png WorldTheme Space.png

Element Appearances[]

Element WorldTheme Ground.png WorldTheme Underground.png WorldTheme Desert.png WorldTheme Snow.png WorldTheme Sky.png WorldTheme Forest.png WorldTheme Volcano.png WorldTheme Space.png
Course Normal WorldMaker Course.png
Lake WorldMaker Course2.png
Desert WorldMaker Course3.png
Snow WorldMaker Course4-y.png
x WorldMaker Course4.png
Forest WorldMaker Course5.png
Ghost House WorldMaker Course6.png
Tower WorldMaker Course7.png
Airship WorldMaker Course8.png
Galoomba WorldMaker Course9.png
Koopa Troopa WorldMaker Course10.png WorldMaker Course10-c.png WorldMaker Course10.png
Jumping Piranha Plant WorldMaker Course11.png
Cheep Cheep WorldMaker Course12.png WorldMaker Course12-c.png WorldMaker Course12.png
Chain Chomp File:WorldMaker Course13.png
Hammer Bro WorldMaker Course14.png
Pokey WorldMaker Course15.png WorldMaker Course15-c.png WorldMaker Course15.png
Rotten Mushroom WorldMaker Course16.png
Toad House During Play WorldMaker BonusHouse.png
Matching WorldMaker BonusHouse1.png
Balloon WorldMaker BonusHouse2.png
Baseball WorldMaker BonusHouse3.png
Warp Pipe WorldMaker Pipe.png
Ground Blank WorldMaker Ground Ground.png WorldMaker Ground Underground.png WorldMaker Ground Desert.png WorldMaker Ground Snow.png WorldMaker Ground Sky.png WorldMaker Ground Forest.png WorldMaker Ground Volcano.png WorldMaker Ground Space.png
Decoration 1 WorldMaker Ground2 Ground.png WorldMaker Ground2 Underground.png WorldMaker Ground2 Desert.png WorldMaker Ground2 Snow.png WorldMaker Ground2 Sky.png WorldMaker Ground2 Forest.png WorldMaker Ground2 Volcano.png File:WorldMaker Ground2 Space.png
Decoration 2 WorldMaker Ground3 Ground.png WorldMaker Ground3 Underground.png WorldMaker Ground3 Desert.png WorldMaker Ground3 Snow.png WorldMaker Ground3 Sky.png WorldMaker Ground3 Forest.png WorldMaker Ground3 Volcano.png WorldMaker Ground3 Space.png
Decoration 3 WorldMaker Ground4 Ground.png WorldMaker Ground4 Underground.png WorldMaker Ground4 Desert.png WorldMaker Ground4 Snow.png WorldMaker Ground4 Sky.png WorldMaker Ground4 Forest.png WorldMaker Ground4 Volcano.png WorldMaker Ground4 Space.png
Bridge WorldMaker Bridge.png WorldMaker Bridge Snow.png File:WorldMaker Bridge Sky.png WorldMaker Bridge.png WorldMaker Bridge Volcano.png File:WorldMaker Bridge Sky.png
x WorldMaker Bridge-x.png File:WorldMaker Bridge Sky-x.png WorldMaker Bridge-x.png WorldMaker Bridge Volcano-x.png File:WorldMaker Bridge Sky-x.png
Elevated Hill WorldMaker Elevated Ground.png WorldMaker Elevated Underground.png WorldMaker Elevated Desert.png WorldMaker Elevated Snow.png WorldMaker Elevated Sky.png WorldMaker Elevated Forest.png WorldMaker Elevated Volcano.png WorldMaker Elevated Space.png
WorldMaker Elevated Ground-a.png WorldMaker Elevated Underground-a.png WorldMaker Elevated Desert-a.png WorldMaker Elevated Snow-a.png WorldMaker Elevated Sky-a.png WorldMaker Elevated Forest-a.png WorldMaker Elevated Volcano-a.png WorldMaker Elevated Space-a.png
Cloud WorldMaker Elevated2.png WorldMaker Elevated2 Sky.png WorldMaker Elevated2.png
WorldMaker Elevated2-a.png WorldMaker Elevated2 Sky-a.png WorldMaker Elevated2-a.png
Start Point WorldMaker StartPoint.png
World End Castle WorldMaker WorldEnd1.png
x WorldMaker WorldEnd1-x.png
Large Airship WorldMaker WorldEnd2.png
x WorldMaker WorldEnd2-x.png
Final Castle WorldMaker WorldEnd3.png
x WorldMaker WorldEnd3-x.png
Cannon WorldMaker Cannon.png


  • The Space World Theme's music is exclusive to Super Mario Maker 2.
  • The Desert World Theme's music is from Super Mario All-Stars: Super Mario Bros. 3.
  • Dry Bones and Red Cheep Cheeps can appear in place of Koopa Troopas and Green Cheep Cheeps in the Volcano World Theme. Snow Pokeys can also appear in place of Pokeys in the Snow World Theme.
    • Red Cheep Cheeps become Flaming Red Cheep Cheeps when placed on a path's second form.
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